Thursday, February 02, 2006

Isolate this!

President Bush's straw-man argument against "isolationism" was perhaps the biggest revelation in his State of the Union speech Tuesday. Rarely are we able to see talking points being born, and this latest fight against a non-existent enemy is interesting only for the call to arms against an enemy which should leave most Americans asking, "Who is he talking about?"

Andrew J. Bacevich saw through this shell game in his article in the Los Angeles Times . Likening the cry against "isolationists" to red-baiting, Bacevich noted that "scaremongering about nonexistent isolationists preempts a much-needed debate over the principles that ought to inform our behavior as a world power." Presumably we won't be presented with lists of "known isolationists" in the State Department anytime soon, so only time will tell the utility of this latest distraction from debate

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